Vivian Morris

img_1871-2-2ffdIf you follow Backstage Podcast for any length of time, you’ll notice a strong emphasis on visual art. That’s for a reason.

Classical music, visual art, and other performing arts have often been inseparable throughout history—Debussy and impressionism, Stravinsky and ballet, the list goes on and on—Backstage Podcast won’t be an exception to that trend.

Vivian Morris, Backstage Podcast’s collaborative artist, offers a unique perspective on historical events through visual representation. Her work portrays humor in every instance while retaining the gravity of, say, Rossini’s first performance of the Barber of Seville. It also appeals to adults while bringing out a bit of the “inner child;” a trait her work shares with music.

Vivian recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in studio art, and she creates and sells her wares in the arts-driven city of Greenville, SC. She focuses on illustration, prints, and showing people how to see the world through her eyes.

Learn more about Vivian’s paintings, prints, and illustrations on her website:

For more information about Vivian Morris and her artwork, email