Get to Know Colin Fisher, AKA Vyking

We wanted Backstage Podcast to be appealing whether a listener enjoys classical music or not. Thanks in part to some smooth beats and insightful lines from Vyking, our podcast is on the right track.

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The best podcasts to listen to start with a strong foundation of background music and effects.

Vyking captures ideas that words cannot. By focusing solely on the music and leaving lyrics behind, Vyking allows the listener to paint his own picture and tell his own story, leading to an intensely personal connection with the music. Vyking believes that sounds and music take on different meanings to different people at different moments. Only non-lyrical music is versatile enough to cross all boundaries and touch each person individually, no matter their language, culture, or background. The best podcasts need great words and a great soundtrack, each held to an equal standard of excellence.

Vyking is a music project by Colin Fisher. Colin’s musical journey began at the age of 12 when his brother began writing music on Garageband for Mac. Colin wanted to be just like his brother, so he started writing his own tracks. He eventually released his first Vyking album in 2013. Colin has since written for several business videos, cinema projects, and, as you know, Backstage podcast. Click here to check out his latest album!

Listen to Vyking on Amazon

You can keep up with the latest grooves from Vyking on Amazon or Sound Cloud at His three newest albums–MessageReign and Strange Arcade–are available for free download. They provide the perfect background for easy listening, social gatherings, or unwinding at home. To learn more about Vyking, email